Tips for winning slot machines at casino online

Tips for winning slot machines at casino online

February 16, 2023 0 By co_admin

Tips for winning slot machines at casino online

Let’s be clear straight away: no strategy will allow you to win systematically at the casino. These tips can increase your chances of winning and help you save money. Anyone who tells you that his strategies will help you win is just telling you what you want to hear.

But, since you want to win at casino online (that’s why you’re here), let me mention that your chances of winning will be much higher if you play roulette or blackjack d online casino.

Bet the minimum amount at the casino

The more you bet, the more you lose at the casino. It’s obvious, but something a lot of people don’t realize. Bet as little as possible, even with small stakes you will have a lot of fun at casino online.

Play the highest denomination machine you can afford at the online casino

Higher denomination machines usually pay better at the online casino real money. The trick is not to bet more just because you are playing a high stakes machine. Conventionally, if you played 10 lines, 5 credits on a machine face value of ?1 (?50/rotation), switch to a face value of ?5 two lines, 5 credits (?50/rotation), the cost per spin will remain the same, but the probability of success in casino online will increase.

Choose electromechanical machines instead of video slots at casino online

Jackpots at the casino are much more common with old school slots than with video slots. An electromechanical slot will hit the jackpot every few weeks on average, whereas video slots take years to hit the jackpot when played at full capacity in the online casino for real money. And the more likely you are to hit the jackpot, the more likely you are to walk away from the casino online happy.

On electromechanical slots, choose the machines with the smallest jackpots in casino online

The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win at casino online casino real money! It doesn’t work with video slots at casino online, because the chances of hitting the jackpot are almost always incredibly high and not related to the size of the jackpot at the online casino.

Limit your play on progressives with huge jackpots at casino online

On machines with huge progressive jackpots a large portion of each wager is spent on the counter. In casinos in Russia and abroad, 10 cents on every dollar goes towards increasing the counter. Excluding the jackpot, online casino real money returns an average of only about 78%. If you have to play a big progressive (because you want a huge jackpot), play the two coin machine instead of the three coin machine and look for a machine with a smaller denomination at casino online.

Use the slot card at the casino

Get a free slot card from the Club’s Player table at the casino (every casino has one) and use it. While the rewards for playing slot machines are usually negligible, playing with a slot card means the casino online may provide you with free food and usually mails you offers for free or reserved rooms, which can save you some money at the online casino.

Play at less stingy casinos

The best odds of winning are at the slots found at casino online casinos. Casinos, on the other hand, have enormous overhead (building fees, excessive utilities, large staff), so they cannot afford to give you good odds on their slots. Online casino real money have much lower margins, and their slot machines pay more generously. Set loss limits and stick to them!
Avoid branded and licensed slots

Slots based on celebrities, movies or TV shows have to pay licensing fees, so they pay out a couple of percentage points less than regular slots at casino online.

Don’t play on ‘boats’ at casino online

If you get swept up on a cruise ship or ferry, keep in mind that the chance of winning there is the worst in the world. That’s because there’s no competition. You’re not going to sail from ship to ship and play there, are you? “Boats” know they have a “captive” audience and therefore set lower odds of winning at casino online.

Play on machines that are advertised as paying a higher percentage

If you can find machines that are advertised as paying higher percentages, choose them at the casino. This almost never happens in offline casinos, because casinos don’t like to divulge this information, but it does occasionally happen. However, ignore the sign that says “Payback to xx%”. “Up to” means that one of the machines pays that much and the rest are so-so. Some casino online stipulate the odds of their machines, such as video slots.

The Hit & Run strategy does not work in casino

These methods are useless, because every spin in the casino is random. Previous results are irrelevant to future results in the online casino real money.

In conclusion, it annoys me that some people prey on the gullible by selling “winning slot machine strategies” on the Internet. It should be obvious that if someone really knows a way to win at the slot machines d casino online all the time, they don’t need to sell that information. Unfortunately, some people still believe in these strategies. And never bet more than you can afford at an online casino!